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For Women, By Women. @Lostein is one of our wellness heroes behind the feminine health brand @queenvlife Her mission? De-stigmatize the word “vagina.” Frustrated with harmful ingredients found in other feminine wellness brands, Qu
People always ask “ when is your due date??”. I don’t love this question. 5% of babies are born on their actual due date and when your bundle of joy either arrives early or late a women feels frustrated or even like a failure
Never that frustrated when stuck in traffic because it’s the perfect opportunity for 📸
Everyday you have the potential to put yourself out there and elevate yourself. Everything new will feel alien to you. Yes, it will  be hard, but I believe in progress, NOT perfection. Have fun with it, don’t get frustrated and quit. B
I was... literally trapped in a mall most of today while my phone was getting transferred a new one, so I escaped the store after the many hours to take a cliche photo in a dressing room shot. So, here ya go, one frustrated thicc boi. At le
🚨Your attention please🚨 This morning Treasurer Scott Morrison announced plans to scrap the tampon tax calling it a source of “frustration”. Damn right we’re frustrated! We still need your help to axe tam
#Repost @alinka_lewis
I will just leave it here, just a photo with the most charming woman in the world #MonicaBellucci. I'm still frustrated 🤩
My back progression over the years 🙊 in every single photos I’ve felt frustrated that I’m not where I want to be. But I rarely step back to see how far I’ve come. 
I want to take a momen
Mark Zuckerberg’s EU hearing left European lawmakers frustrated from not getting any answers.
How boring would it be to wake up tomorrow and have all your goals met? 
Sometimes I get SO frustrated how far I have to go in all sorts of goals. 
Parenting, financial, health, relationships, career. 
But seriously, if I woke up tomorro
No matter the difficult situation, there are two choices: 1) be frustrated or 2) work with it/learn from it/grow in it. Life throws curveballs at you no matter who you are. We all have different resources at our disposal that have taught

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Less than a week before a Uber selfdriving SUV prototype struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe A
Report: A manager at Uber’s self-driving unit warned executives about safety issues just days before fatal crash
Vandaag vertel ik je waar ik de airco van de auto voor gebruik Natuurlijk ook om de sta
Waar ik de airco van de auto voor gebruik
Some modern day cars are an odd middle point past replaceable head units but before Android Auto
Mazda offering Android Auto and CarPlay retrofit on applicable 2014 and newer models
The secretive White Collection features some of the most rare and coveted Porsches of all ti
One of the Most Incredible Porsche Collections Ever and They’re All White
Somewhere in China an artist is beautifying the city one dirty windshield at a time
When You Love to Draw and See a Dirty Windshield
Werbung Stau auf der Autobahn und das vor Weihnachten Den Klassiker kennt man oder Alle wollen
Adventskalender mit Spielzeugautos
Ridesharing service Lyft is today announcing its new plan to encourage repeat use the launch of Lyf
Lyft is launching a rider loyalty program in December
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