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We’ve updated our Instagram handle. Please follow us at @audiofficial for the latest posts from #Audi.
We’ve updated our Instagram handle. Please follow us at @audiofficial for the latest posts from #Audi.
We’ve updated our Instagram handle. Please follow us at @audiofficial for the latest posts from #Audi.
#UrbanUnderstatement • The outdoors are the perfect playground for an Audi Q? Well, they are, but so is the city. Our Qs feel at home in both rural and urban environments. #NowisCalling #AudiQ5
#StreetsofHavana • As if it was made for the streets of Havana: A low roof descends into the C-pillars with color offset blades. From the side, a high shoulder line and concave flanks in the door area emphasize the wheel housings. Comp
#StreetsofHavana • This is how our interior designers characterize the #Q2: “Not exactly a track athlete, more of a youthful, crossfit type.” #AudiQ2 #SUV
#StreetsofHavana • Old American vintage cars still dominate Cuba’s roads. With its powerful and energetic appearance the #Q2 has managed to thrill the island. #AudiQ2 #SUV
#StreetsofHavana • We were the first carmaker in modern times to present one of our newest models in #Havana, #Cuba. The Q2’s  edgy, powerful and slightly rough stance definitely managed to make an impression. #AudiQ2 #Q2 #SUV
#StreetsofHavana • We took the #Q2 for a spin and went on a 135 km long test drive in and around #Havana. The strong curvature of the bumper for sure made some heads turn. #AudiQ2 #SUV
#StreetsofHavana • Taking a little break from the bustling streets of #Havana. The #Q2 may be modest, but is powerful nonetheless. The contoured air inlets and a highly positioned singleframe radiator grille clearly give the front end
#OnTheRoadAgain • It might look like a fancy super model, but it has the spirit, build and mind of an adventurer. #AudiTTS #Coupé #quattro
#OnTheRoadAgain • Winding roads, steep mountain passes, gravel and sand tracks: This is home for an Audi quattro. #AudiTTS #Coupé #quattro

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