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#StreetsofHavana • Old American vintage cars still dominate Cuba’s roads. With its powerful and energetic appearance the #Q2 has managed to thrill the island. #AudiQ2 #SUV
#StreetsofHavana • We were the first carmaker in modern times to present one of our newest models in #Havana, #Cuba. The Q2’s  edgy, powerful and slightly rough stance definitely managed to make an impression. #AudiQ2 #Q2 #SUV
#StreetsofHavana • We took the #Q2 for a spin and went on a 135 km long test drive in and around #Havana. The strong curvature of the bumper for sure made some heads turn. #AudiQ2 #SUV
#StreetsofHavana • Taking a little break from the bustling streets of #Havana. The #Q2 may be modest, but is powerful nonetheless. The contoured air inlets and a highly positioned singleframe radiator grille clearly give the front end
#OnTheRoadAgain • It might look like a fancy super model, but it has the spirit, build and mind of an adventurer. #AudiTTS #Coupé #quattro
#OnTheRoadAgain • Winding roads, steep mountain passes, gravel and sand tracks: This is home for an Audi quattro. #AudiTTS #Coupé #quattro
#OnTheRoadAgain • Shimmering heat, burning hot asphalt, time seems to stand still. But the Audi #AudiTTS is at ease for it loves the heat as much as the snow. #Coupé #quattro
#OnTheRoadAgain • You are in it for the fun, the thrill, the excitement. You are going for the uncharted territories. And your car? Your car isn’t any different. #AudiTTRS #Roadster
#OnTheRoadAgain • Adventure lies ahead. Now it’s up to you to jump right into it. And you surely don’t have to be afraid: You got a partner by your side that is as much into outdoor action as you are - maybe even more. #AudiT
#OnTheRoadAgain • Take the road less travelled and embark on a new adventure as often as you can. Take your top down, step on the accelerator and enjoy the breeze. #AudiTTRS #Roadster
#NightOut • A day on the run. Shopping, lunch, more shopping, dinner. One place after the next, kind of restless, but you always end up exactly where you want to be. After all, you got someone by your side that takes you places. #AudiA
#NightOut • Date night. Gallery opening first, romantic dinner later. You are both enjoying yourself, having a blast. However, the thing you two are looking forward the most, is stepping into the car and feeling at home with each other

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