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The 24th annual Hot Rod Power Tour kicks off this weekend and we're excited to hit the road and cruise. Anyone else coming out? Post up! #HotRodPowerTour #LT4ConnectAndCruise
#NationalDonutDay is always a good day.
Track or Street - what's your style? With Camaro, you can do it all...
Best in the desert. #ZR2
We're ready to head back to the lake... How about you?
Throwback to the Silverado Performance Concept! Anyone remember what's under the hood?
Tough one today... Top or bottom, what's your LS-powered style? We're picking both!
The King.
The LT5 Corvette Air Intake: up to a 26% reduction in air restriction @ 630g/s, 0 additional calibration required, and up to 17 more horsepower. Get on it! #TechTuesday
Time is running out... Get 15% below MSRP on eligible Performance parts online through 5/31/18. Important information in the link in the bio. Get it!
ONE WEEK COUNTDOWN! If you own an LS or modern-LT powered vehicle then this event’s for you. We've partnered with NMCA to provide you with a FREE motorsport experience to first-time participants. Chevrolet Performance will comp your en

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