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By 2050, we aim to source all electrical power globally with 100% renewable energy, and we know we aren’t alone in this goal. Read more about this global initiative in the @nytimes link in our bio.
Today we announced that the Softbank Vision Fund will invest $2.25 billion in GM Cruise. Softbank is one of the world’s largest tech investors and we’re excited to be joining forces with a tech leader who shares our belief that AV
The high-traffic streets of #NewYork are the perfect place to bring our vision of zero congestion to life. In just one year, @drivemaven jumped from 600 NY customers to 15,500, logging more than 850,000 ride-sharing miles with trips to the
Maureen Short, Senior Safety Engineer and Army vet, wasn’t sure about a cross-country move - but when she learned more about our General Motors culture and values, she couldn’t turn away from the opportunity. Discover how a career
“I’m not embarrassed to ask questions. I think we need to get our young ladies to the point where they don’t feel like they have to know everything to be accepted.” Pam Fletcher, Vice President of our Global Electric Veh
Our Chairman and CEO #MaryBarra’s leadership style is human-centric and focuses on strong company culture and values. Explore her tips at the link in our bio.
Like so many students, Crystal Windham didn’t know her own potential until a dedicated teacher took notice. “I didn’t realize my artistic talent until my 10th grade art teacher saw my sketches. She encouraged me to apply to @
Follow your passions and love what you do: life lessons that Business Planning Manager Kristy Rasbach says two high school teachers taught her. “Ms. Modesitt taught me to be proud of my love for math, and Mr. Burdick taught me that sci
After moving from China to America, Stella Zhao says she struggled adjusting to English classrooms, but she credits one of her college professors @UCBerkeley for giving her the motivation she needed to pursue her passion. “I never felt
How do we create a car part that’s 40% lighter and 20% stronger than the original? By being the first automaker in North America to pioneer new generative design technology from @AutoDesk. Learn more at the link in our bio.
Meet Joe Territo, an Orlando-based business owner and electrical engineer who decided to swap his fleet of trucks for the @Chevrolet #Volt. It was an unconventional decision, but Joe says the added value was immediate. From cost-savings and

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