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@esser_automotive recently delivered this matte black Regera. We had it out for a quick photo shoot on our test track one recent fine evening. So glad we can now share some images!  As well as capturing a gorgeous car during a stellar sunse
Poetry in motion..... the record-smashing AgeraRS in action during January’s @ocfosevents  Photo by @iamted7 #koenigsegg #record #fastestcarintheworld #AgeraRS #itcornerstoo #swedishpower #sweden
The sublime grey/orange Agera RS belonging to @speedy_jeff leads the pack at the recent @ocfestivalofspeed  Pic by @iamted7  Apologies for the radio silence but we’ve been super busy preparing all the info for the 2019 Geneva Motor Sh
The Regera will be just one of the Koenigseggs on display and in action this weekend at the @ocfestivalofspeed  Entry is just $10 or you can purchase hot laps in a variety of amazing hypercars including the Agera RS and Regera. Our test dri
Thanks to everyone for your amazing support and interest through 2018. The next 12 months are going to be HUGE, with a new car coming to Geneva in March and continued production of the mighty Koenigsegg Regera. The last 12 months saw us far
@whitesse has been busy!  The Agera RS1 is in Dubai on tour. It looks perfectly suited to the emirate’s colour palette, don’t you think? #koenigsegg #agera #agerars #rs1 #architecture #dubai #fastestcarsintheworld
We'd like to formally introduce you to @carageluzern, our newest Koenigsegg dealer located in Lucerne, Switzerland.  Carage is the owner of the KNC Regera we showed you last week (pictured with this post) and a number of other Koenigseggs a
Our first ‘naked’ carbon car ever has just been delivered to our new Swiss dealers at @carageluzern and it looks amazing!  Carbon fiber has its own epoxy coating and we normally sand that back and either paint or clear coat it. Fo
There’s a reason why clear/tinted carbon is one of our most popular finishes #luscious #carbonfiber #carbon #koenigsegg #regera #directdrive #artonwheels #beauty
Some matte black goodness to start the week. We’ve not done many matte cars in the past but there’s some tasty matte goodness coming your way in the future and it’ll look awwwwwwsome Would you finish your car this way?  #koen
Wherever you’re going this weekend, go there in style. The Koenigsegg One:1, shown here circa 2015, was the first production car in the world to achieve a magical 1:1 power-to-weight ratio #innovate #Koenigsegg #megacar #theoriginal #O

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