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Our first ‘naked’ carbon car ever has just been delivered to its owner and it looks amazing!  Carbon fiber has its own epoxy coating and we normally sand that back and either paint or clear coat it. For this car, we ground it back
There’s a reason why clear/tinted carbon is one of our most popular finishes #luscious #carbonfiber #carbon #koenigsegg #regera #directdrive #artonwheels #beauty
Some matte black goodness to start the week. We’ve not done many matte cars in the past but there’s some tasty matte goodness coming your way in the future and it’ll look awwwwwwsome Would you finish your car this way?  #koen
Wherever you’re going this weekend, go there in style. The Koenigsegg One:1, shown here circa 2015, was the first production car in the world to achieve a magical 1:1 power-to-weight ratio #innovate #Koenigsegg #megacar #theoriginal #O
If you’re in the Chicago area on Thursday November 15th, the World Record breaking Koenigsegg Agera RS will be on display from 3pm - 6pm promoting “Straight and Narrow”. The documentary film about the November day in 2017 whe
Winter can be cold here in Sweden but it also brings some of the most beautiful light. A great shot from December 2015 by our mate ElleJo #koenigsegg #Regera #sweden #winter #light #directdrive
A year ago today, were were on Highway 161 outside Pahrump, NV, chasing 5 production car top speed records. The weather was perfect. The car was perfect and our driver, Niklas Lilja, did a perfect and courageous job. If records like this we
We’re missing those beautiful northern summer days already here in Sweden. Here’s a reminder, UK style. The beautiful Agera R from @zachs_garage as shot by @alexpenfold #koenigsegg #AgeraR #forest #forestroad #runforestrun #swedis
A throwback to 2015 and the infamous track event at Spa that’s captured in the amazing film by @jfmusial and co - Apex. Robert Serwanski chucking it down along the main straight in the One:1 #spafracorchamps #koenigsegg #one1 #swedishp
Koenigsegg in-house designed connecting rod. Super light and super strong. Takes 8500 rpm, 1500 nm of torque and up to 1600 hp. Yet it only weighs 540 gram including bolts. Made out of strong Swedish steel to take the brute force, but still
Fast Friday - an image from September 2015, with Tanner Foust behind the wheel of the iconic Koenigsegg One:1.  The airfield wasn’t long enough to max the car out that day, but Tanner did manage to reach his personal automotive Vmax. A
We love carbon fiber. And details. #koenigsegg #carbon #regera #directdrive #notatypicalhybrid #details

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