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The common passion for bringing the future just a little step closer made our connection nearly inevitable. Together with @cirquedusoleil ®, we set on a journey to push boundaries.
New is always exciting. We are proudly revealing our next, electrifying partnership with @cirquedusoleil ®, driven by our shared core vision - to put people at heart of everything we do.
Summer Holidays are coming — and we all want to spend less and less time inside. How about turning your dinner into a picnic? Just grab a picnic basket, jump into a car, and celebrate today's International Picnic Day somewhere gorgeous
When pro racer Sabine Schmitz took the new KODIAQ RS for a premier ride on the Nordschleife alongside its chief developer František Drábek, the world held its breath. Read all about it in two exclusive interviews on ŠKODA Fac
The Nordschleife racing track doesn't go easy on any car. How did the new KODIAQ RS, piloted by the seasoned Sabine Schmitz, fare against the legendary 'Green Hell'? Find more on ŠKODA facebook!
The legendary racer Sabine Schmitz took the new ŠKODA KODIAQ RS for a swift cruise on the famous Nordschleife. Stay tuned, the whole story is coming soon! Find more here on ŠKODA Facebook!
What’s that lurking in the dark? We’ll give you a hint: it’s something you already know but not quite! Right now, it’s getting familiar with the testing road at Nürburgring!
Elegance in every detail. But whose wheels are these? We can only say they’re being tested at the Nürburgring as of now, so stay tuned!
Meet the new Azubi cabriolet. The grand reveal of the final design and name is just around the corner. Stay tuned!
Can you still remember all these Azubi stunners? Pick your favourite! #azubicar
They call him the golden lighting ⚡ picture by @skodacr
See you in Slovakia in 2019! #itsourgame

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